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John Gosling for an ongoing project

I am often thinking up projects that I am interested in shooting, and a lot of the time it begins with the types of portraits I want to take. I'll come up with a lighting idea and then I get on the look for subjects. I wanted to change things up a little for a new shoot project. I have decided to first find subjects and then tailor a shoot to the subject. 

I'm toying with names for the project... 
'A gaggle of Goslings' ...? 
'Not related' ...?
'No relation' ...?

So first up in this project we have John Gosling. John is an artist/print-maker who shares a studio in the Torpedo Factory. If you get a chance you should check out his work {https://www.theartleague.org/content/gosling_2015}. 

John Gosling-3925r-SS.jpg

- Stephen

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