Michael Wardian, Marathoner and Ultra-Marathoner

I read about Micheal the other day on DCist. There was an article about a runner who was running the entire length of the DC Beltway - about 90 miles, on a ridiculously hot day. I mentioned this to a friend who also runs ultra-marathon type distances and he stated that Mike was indeed a bad-ass. I did a little research and reached out to Mike to see if he’d be up for a photo-shoot (I think the way I phrased it was “I like to photograph interesting people; and you qualify as very interesting”). Mike was into the idea and was very generous with his time on another recent very hot morning.

- Stephen


Bullet, a die hard Washington Wizards fan is a kick-arse Frenchie.


- Stephen


Redwood is a 5 month old Bernese Mountain Dog.


- Stephen