WNBA Finals - Game 3, photographed for the WNBA

The Washington Mystics had a hell of a season. But the Seattle Storm played amazingly and deserved the win.

Game shots:

Victory Shots:

Champions portraits:

WNBA using the portrait shots on their Instagram:

- Stephen

Elena Delle Donne, Washington Mystics for Team Fruit and Veg

Congrats to Elena Delle Donne and the Washington Mystics on an incredible season. You played your hearts out and represented! Be proud!

Earlier in the year I teamed up with Team Fruit and Veg to photograph Elene Delle Donne for their campaign to get everyone eating more fruit and vegetables! We had a fun shoot playing around with a bunch of fresh produce.


- Stephen

NBA Media Day 2017: Washington Wizards

I photographed some pretty cool portraits for NBA Media Day at the beginning of the season. I wanted to shoot something a little moodier than usual and piggy backing on last years media day I knew I wanted to shoot with blue and red gels again. 

Pretty simple set up. 3 lights. We have the key light as a medium octobox placed high and pointed down and forward. And then on one side a bare strobe with a red gel and the other side had a bare strobe with a blue gel. 

Here is out setup...


A 9 foot black seamless from Savage, a medium octobox for the key; high and to camera right, and then 2 stripboxes for rim lighting coming from each side (one with a blue gel and one with a red gel). 

And here are the images we came out with.

Big thanks to the Wizards staff for prompting me on the screaming/cheering photos!

- Stephen

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